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Designed and Built in Australia
Full Alloy Canopy Bodies
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Customised Fitouts
Mini | Midi | Full Body
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Heavy duty | light weight
Tray Bodies
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Offgrid for Longer
12V Power Solutions

Ablout Us....

The Australian continent offers many harsh extremes, from the heat and isolation of theSimpson Desert to the cold artic winds of Bruny Island.

Being avid travelers, we have experienced some of the best and the worst that this country has to offer. Based on our hands-on experience, we have created a range of products that are both functional and durable.

Practicality, durability and affordability, are at the heart of our design principles. While uniformity in manufacture drives quality, we continue to look at ways we can adapt to each individual’s needs.

We are proud that all of our core manufactured products is not only designed in Brisbane Australia, it is also manufactured and assembled here.

Setting your vehicles up as the ultimate touring machine or a fit-for-purpose workhorse take experience to get right.

We pride ourselves on finding the right solution the first time – when experience counts, count on Spinifex Manufacturing.

Build Options...

Tray Bodies

Quality Steel and Alloy Tray Bodies designed and manufactured for Australian Conditions
Aussie Made

Canopy Bodies

Full Alloy Canopy Bodies, Midi and Mini Bodies manufactured for your vehicle and needs
Aussie Made

12V Power Solutions

Simple solutions to solve 12V in your canopy, tool box or Camper. Off the self or custom designed.
Aussie Made

Take it home today with our fiance options.....

Spinifex Manufacturing has partnered with Fido Finance and ZIP Money to help you get your dream project to reality. Find our more below.

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