Power Distribution Sytems

Power Hub

  • Allow Construction with mount points
  • 6  rocker style switches
  • Inbuilt blade fuses and circuit breakers
  • TJM 25amp DCDC Charger
  • Anderson plpug connectors for batteries and solar input
  • Suitable for DIY

Power Hub Pro

  • Heavy Duty Battery Box (Perfect in ute trays)
  • Houses up to a 12 inch battery
  • TJM 25amp DCDC Charger
  • Inbuilt blade fuses on all circuits
  • Anderson plug connectors for batteries and sola input
  • Suitable for DIY

Power Panel

Samples of Power Hubs and Pannels

Canopy Power Systems

Selecting the right power system for your new canopy can be confusing. Here at Spinifex Manufacturing we try to make it simple. We understand that you just want a system that not only works but is simple to use. Because of this we have taiored 4 systems together that cover the majority of our clients needs.

All these kits include fitting and wiring into your canopy.

Basecamp 1Enerdrive 40ALeadcrystal 150 AH Slim100W324Enerdrive eProOptional
Explorer 1Enerdrive 40AEnerdrive Lithium 200AH150W324Enerdrive SiMarine2000W Enerdrive
Basecamp 2Redarc Manager 30Leadcrystal 150 AH Slim100W324Manager 30Optional
Explorer 2Redarc RedvisionEnerdrive Lithium 200AH150W3210Redvision2000W Redarc